New Message Series Starts October 1st : “Experience God, Like Never Before”

There is quite a difference between the things we know ABOUT someone, and truly knowing them personally. We can even form an opinion about someone from the things we HEAR about them, but until we truly meet them personally, our opinions are based on second-hand information. If someone gave me a choice of taking a class about Jesus Christ or meeting Him in person, I would choose the latter.

Even when you meet someone, you’d have to admit that we can be fooled by first impressions, and we truly get to know someone as we go through experiences together day-by-day. Both quality and quantity of time help us to know them more.

Many people have ideas and opinions about Jesus, from things they’ve read and things they’ve heard. Those ideas and opinions might change your thinking, but experiencing and knowing Jesus personally will change your entire life, your philosophy, your values, and your perspective.

This series of sermons will project an invitation to truly experience the presence and influence of Jesus in your life. Thinking of Him as the Son of God who lives so far from where I live, is totally different than the realization of living with Jesus, the Son of God, every day of your life.

To those of you who have called yourselves Christians for many years, this is an invitation to see and experience Jesus in intimate ways like never before. Sometimes our testimony is about one time in our past when we invited Jesus into our lives. It was supposed to be a surrender and not an invitation to come and “visit”. The invitation is to come into our lives as the King and leader for the rest of our lives. There is more available than you have now, and many people don’t see it, aren’t expecting it, and won’t find it.

Jesus wants to be closer to you than now. Do you want that? Are you ready for that? He is!