A New Beginning

Have you ever thought you’d like a do-over? You’d like to have a chance to live life over or begin again? That’s exactly what resurrection is about. It’s about the fact that you don’t have to live with the guilt of sin anymore, because Jesus took that sin with Him upon the cross. And when He arose from the tomb, He left that sin in the tomb.

Your tomb is your past life, and Jesus offers to have those old ways pass away and for everything to become new. We call that re-generation and it means “beginning again”. It’s the reason we refer to being “born again.”

If you don’t like your life, your values, and the things you’re producing… you can begin again.

This message recounts the way things seemed to take a downward turn and the way it appeared that Jesus had been killed, overcome, defeated. The journey of this message will take you then to the tomb and then out-of-the-tomb as Jesus is not dead… He is alive today. He loves you today. He will lead you today, so that others can know the opportunity to begin again.