Lessons From the Magi

Magi is the name used for Zoroastrian priests from ancient Media and Persia. These are followers… even leaders of another faith. What we find in Matthew 2:1-15 is the story of several magi traveling to see the new king of the Jews. They are likely not looking for a Messiah King. They don’t begin by knowing the prophecies from Jewish scripture. They come to Jerusalem to the palace, where one would normally find a new king. It is there that they learn the prophecies from the scribes and priests whom King Herod calls forward for information. Several wonderful things happen. These men of another faith leave that place to seek the child and find Him (Jesus) in Bethlehem. Then they do an astounding thing. These men of another faith, worship the Lord Jesus.

As we study this story from Scripture, we will discover several of the keys to finding joy and fulfillment through the Christmas Season. We will find that the wise men discovered the importance of:

  1. Knowing what they are looking for.
  2. Knowing where to look.
  3. Knowing what to give when they find Him.

I found knowledge that I did not have before, as I searched and prayed and studied for this message. Now I am anxious to share it with you.