A Stone’s Throw Away

Can you imagine the appearance of the woman whom the Pharisees and Scribes caught in the act of adultery? In your mind, are her clothes disheveled? Have they dragged her there, so that she is covered with dirt from the road? Is her face streamed with tears? Are her eyes filled with terror? They are about to ask Jesus to declare that she should be stoned to death. She knows that. What is going on in her mind? Now, remember that this is not a fictional character in an illustration. This is a living person like you or me.

She is totally guilty and there is no doubt. There is no excuse. It is sin and the Jewish law says she should be put to death, but Jesus (John 3:17) didn’t come to condemn, but to save. He takes guilty people, forgives their sin, and washes them clean… as if they never sinned.

That’s His attitude toward you. He knows everything you ever did, and He loves you enough to take your punishment for you and set you free.

Is that the way we are with others? If not, are we really being like Jesus? Is our heart like Jesus’ heart? Is our attitude like Jesus’ attitude? Are we seeking to redeem the very people who bring us pain or sin against God? This will be a very good self-examination message for all of us.