In 1st Corinthians 11:23-31, Paul wrote a long list of things he suffered because of being on-the-road in ministry. God had let him know through Ananias that Paul would suffer while in the ministry, but he went anyway. Paul is a man who made a lot of Christians suffer until the day that Jesus knocked him down and spoke with him directly. Well, Paul got saved and transformed and began to minister, finding out that the prophecy about suffering was true. But he found out that the suffering was worth the results that God brought from his ministry.

In this message, we will talk about the fact that suffering IS a part of life, but it is only ONE PART. We will realize that our goal is more than survival through these trials of life and that attaining the goals make the pain worthwhile. Those successes should be celebrated. That celebration and realization of progress will keep us motivated to continue to serve.

Is your faith worth it? Do you think you’d be better off without God? Do you realize that through it all, He never leaves? Do your realize the amount of suffering that Jesus Himself endured for the goal of paying for your sin?