The Master’s Love

In the one-chapter book of Philemon, Paul wrote a letter to a slave-owner. The man’s runaway slave had come into contact with Paul and was saved. Philemon was already a friend of Paul and a strong believer. This letter from Paul can teach us something about being a friend to someone who is undeserving and about God being a friend to us.

For some people, the thought of having a “relationship” with the Creator of the Universe is far beyond comprehension. But, when we consider that the God of the Universe cared enough about those who weren’t his friends to send His Son to die for them, we have to wrestle with that.

How can a perfect God love an imperfect me? How can a God who could wipe-me-out with one breath actually care about someone who doesn’t really acknowledge Him? Why would the Son of God want to “hang out” with me, devote time to me, rescue me from my afflictions, and invest in my success?

These are the questions that keep some people from ever considering having a love-relationship and daily experience with Jesus.

If there’s any doubt in your mind about the potential for you to have Jesus as both your closest friend and your “Master and Lord” at the same time, this message is important for you.