A Vision to Live and Share

Having a vision and living a vision are not the same thing. A vision in our mind that we are not pursuing is an illusion. It’s like all those times we said, “Someday I’m going to…” Until we have the picture in our mind of what success in our pursuit will look like, until we begin to plan how to make that picture a reality, and until we take action on our plan to pursue it… it is only an illusion. Vision is a motivator.

If a painter paints a picture, the picture comes from the vision in his mind, into his fingers, through the brush, and onto the canvas. On the other hand, a landscaper sketches a picture in order to take a shovel, rake, bulldozer, plants, and a lot of hard work to make that sketch become a reality.

Your faith, if you listen to God, will provide a vision for you of what it is you’re pursuing… being more like Jesus and accomplishing His specific will for you, while living His general will for all Christians.

This message will prompt you to begin to pray for God’s vision. You are here for a purpose and God designed that purpose. When you find it, you will discover the true meaning of fulfilment as you pursue it until it becomes reality. Don’t just live your belief day-to-day. Find God’s goal and design for your life. (Proverbs 29:18)