Who Do You Say Jesus Is ?

One day Jesus asked His disciples who people were saying that He was. Some of the people thought He was Elijah or Jeremiah or John the Baptist coming back to them.

The world has always had different views of who Jesus is. Even the Muslim faith regards Jesus as “a” prophet (not “the” Messiah). The world today also has different views of who Jesus is. To some He’s their “buddy” who hangs out with them. To others He is so “untouchable” that they cringe to think of His presence. To some He is their Master and they are so surrendered that they seek Him all of the time.

So Jesus gave the disciples a tougher question that you and I must answer. He asked them who they (the disciples themselves) believed that He was.

This message will explore who Jesus really is to you and how He hungers to have a love relationship with you. You may find yourself feeling “confronted” with the question of who Jesus is to you. That kind of confrontation is practical and spiritual. The questions between us and Jesus need to be answered; especially when we are the ones who haven’t made a decision on the status of that relationship.

Jesus? He’s already decided. He stands ready to work all things for your good, to work through you to increase the kingdom of God, to heal your brokenness and forgive your sinfulness.

He has done His part and given the invitation. The next part is up to you. You have never been loved like Jesus loves you and the experience will transform your life.