This Sunday’s Message -> Understanding the Nature of God

Join us for this Sunday’s celebration message which continues the series “Experience God Like Never Before”. The message is entitled “Understanding the Nature of God”

When a young man or woman want to find someone to spend time with, they will sometimes go on a dating site. Usually they will find pictures and bios of the persons who are looking for a date with someone they can enjoy spending time with and getting-to-know. In the bio (if the person is honest) they can find things that this person is interested in and likes to do. So, before they ever connect by phone, they have a small idea of what that person is like.

The same is true about a person’s interest in getting to know God better. They want to know if this Person is someone they’d enjoy being around, if He has the same interests, and they will base their pursuit of a friendship or relationship from that information on His nature and interests.

Part of this reputation of the nature of God comes from the people they know. If you’re the person interested in checking out God, you may have some friend who knows both God and you and encourages the meeting of the two of you.

You will also find much about Him in the scriptures and can figure out if this is a relationship you would like to pursue. One fact to keep in mind is that He already wants a relationship with you.

This message, “Understanding the Nature of God”, will explore what the Bible has to say about what God is like. It will explore God’s “bio in the bible”.

If you have questions as to whether God is “all that”, this message will help as you explore His being ALL-Powerful, ALL-Knowing, All-Loving, and ALWAYS AVAILABLE to you. The amazing thing is that His power and love and wisdom are there to help you realize and reach your potential, while enjoying a personal relationship with God.

Pastor Rick