LifeGroups allow Christians to make Christ-centered relationships with other believers so that they can grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (see 2 Peter 3:18).

Even though we see each other during Sunday Worship services each week, LifeGroups are an intentional way of facilitating real community within the lives of individual members at Riverside. Having the congregation in LifeGroups of about 10-12 people allows for greater levels of discipleship, accountability, encouragement, learning, and mission.

LifeGroups allow for biblical theology to be applied practically. The church, the body of Christ, is a community of believers that do so much more than just attend a weekly Sunday service (see Acts 2:42-27). The intention and goal of the church is to do life together every day while reflecting the effects of the gospel through changed lives—bringing glory to God (see Matthew 5:16).

In LifeGroups, we want to see individual lives and the greater Fredericksburg area radically impacted by the message of the gospel as it is preached to all who would hear, and lived out by all those who profess faith in Christ.

Riverside Church LifeGroups are designed to be relational and personal as members live life together in community. There is a LifeGroup for everyone who desires to be connected to the community of believers here at Riverside. LifeGroups meet on various days of the week,  at various times in and throughout the Fredericksburg area.

The focus of a LifeGroup is centered on the Word of God through discussion from all the members of the group. Participation is vital for the spiritual health of every member. Leaders are placed over each LifeGroup to facilitate the group toward Christ-likeness.

There is a book, curriculum, or sermon-based study that the group works on throughout the week and meets to discuss and apply what they’ve learned in their meeting. The content of these studies are designed to be gospel-saturated and Christ-exalting.

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Innovate – Middle and High School Lifegroup

Our students are encouraged to search for a deeper understanding of God and themselves through topics that are relevant to them in their current culture while remaining Biblically sound. Our students are a vital part of our church today and know they don’t need to wait until “the future” to volunteer or lead in multiple…