As we’ve read through 1 John, chapters 1 through 5, John has constantly been saying that love is evidence of our relationship with Christ and that there is no room for hatred. Why does he bring it up so many times? It’s because this church has deep problems, angers, and division. He is not pretending that everything is OK, when things are so obviously outside of God’s will.

As we live with people in our family, neighborhood, and even the church, people and their habits can get on our nerves. People will not always respect or acknowledge or be there when you need them. Sometimes, even in the church, there will be issues to confront. God’s word is not silent on this.

In the church to which John is writing, false doctrines are being taught, and people are choosing sides. In this message, we will find that these issues must be addressed, but that our attitudes in confrontation are as essential to our faith as the truths we proclaim and protect.