Dealing Death To Nagging Sins

In 2 Corinthians 12:7, Paul wrote about an irritation he faced day-by-day. He called it his “thorn in the flesh”. Theologians have argued about what sickness or persisting irritation it actually was, but we’d have to agree that there are some things we face that keep coming up again and again. We’d like our problems to be such that we deal with them, they are gone, and we move on to the next thing. Some problems, trials and temptations, however, keep “popping up” again and again in our lives, bringing pain and frustration. We might ask, “Won’t this thing ever go away for good?” It’s possible that we’ll face some things ‘til we go to heaven and leave them behind.

Some of those “nagging things” are the sins that hit our weak spot. Those are the ones we seem to have to face again and again. Just about the time we think that temptation is gone… boom… there it is again.

Read James 1:1-8 and 12-15…

This message will deal with the fact that we can overcome sin, but temptation is not necessarily in our hands. Satan sends those in order to defeat us. He uses our own lusts and desires as tools, but he is the “sender” of the temptation. Maybe we ought to take joy in the fact that when the temptations come, we can stare them in the face and tell them, “You will not lead me into sin, because Jesus and I have overcome that sin. Thanks for the reminder that you no longer have power in my life.” This message will definitely give us a new perspective in overcoming those nagging sins.