Dependence and Independence

Freedom does not mean the opportunity to do anything we want, anywhere we want, any time we want without accountability. That would not be freedom. It would make us a tyrant. There would be consequences both natural and cultural/social. I want to suggest this morning that freedom means we get to choose to whom and to what we will submit and commit… and even then, there are consequences or benefits to our choices. If you had absolute freedom, then others in our world would have NO freedom or rights. It would all be about you!

I have friends who have made the statement, “I don’t need anybody.” If not, then why did they feel the need to SAY that? God made us as social beings. He made us for fellowship with Him and with each other. It’s just the “way we’re made”. Many people have had bad encounters with other people and no longer want those close relationships. Others have had bad experiences which they’ve blamed on God. If I breathed in pollen with my air and had an allergic reaction, I would not say, “I don’t need air anymore.”

It is sad that many of our nation’s leaders and citizens no longer feel their dependence on God. The problem is that though they don’t THINK they need Him, they make a terrible mess when He is excluded. Denying that there is a God or that you need Him does not change the truth that without Him, we can do no good thing.

John 15:5 (Jesus says) “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”

This message will talk about our dependence or independence from God. Is Jesus right, that we will absolutely have good fruit coming from our life if we stay “connected” with Him? Is Jesus right that we are ineffective without Him? If those things are true, then is it possible that we are missing out on a lot of good things when we live independently of His leading?