There are three signs of an ordinance/sacrament: Jesus did it, Jesus told us to do it, and the act is symbolic of a deeper spiritual truth. When we look at baptism and communion, we immediately see these things because those ordinances are not objectionable. When we look at the ordinance of washing someone else’s feet or having our own feet washed by someone else, we naturally begin to look for reasons or excuses NOT to observe this one.

This Sunday we will go to the scriptures in John 13:3-17 and simply see what Jesus did, how His followers reacted, and what Jesus said about it. He said that if He, their Lord and Master, had washed their feet, then they ought (owe) to wash one another’s feet. He said again, “I have set an example that you should do as I have done for you.” He also said that when we do this, we will find joy. Jesus made it very clear that this was His will for us.

I promise you that the “defensive mode” will come up as we study, and many of us will search for reasons NOT to do this, rather than searching to see what Jesus is telling us to do. Why? Because most of us don’t like FEET. Maybe this is the reason that feet become central in this ordinance about humbling ourselves and serving others.
I predict that there will be a lot of family discussion after this message. Don’t miss it