LOVE is one of the most loosely-used words in our language. When people use it, they may be saying many different things. It can indicate that you make them feel good, so they love you. It can indicate that they want a more physical relationship with you. We talk about loving: peanut butter, our dog, football, our family, and God and we definitely are not talking about the same “love”. Love is not just a feeling, it is something that is demonstrated by our actions, and even then we demonstrate it in different ways (sometimes called love languages).

Godly love is learned by God’s example. His love came first, before we loved Him. Godly love is experienced in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And Godly love is experienced, shared, and practiced in our relationship with others who are in the faith. In fact, we can love an unbeliever with a Godly love, just like God loves the world and its sinners with His love.