Ordinary people – son of encouragement

Our new series is entitled: GOD USES ORDINARY PEOPLE. If He only used superstars, most of us would be left out in the cold. The amazing thing is that He uses people just like you and me when we’re willing to do as He commands. No matter how small our “all” is, God can do awesome things through us. That’s the wonder of the power of God. And the experience of being used by God will always remind us that His is the power and that ours is the willingness to be used by His power. 

This first message is SON OF ENCOURAGEMENT, and will especially note the role of a gentle and encouaging man by the name of Barnabus in building the early church, including the Gentile Church. It doesn’t take a muscle-man, a gorgeous woman, or an ultra-talented musician to be used-by-God to change the world. It simply takes a person who has faith in God and the faithfulness to trust God to fulfill what He has called us to do.