The Myth of the One-Tree Christian

One tree does not an orchard make:

1. When we find God, He calls us to be a team together.

The problem with having one player who excels at being a quarterback, wide receiver, fullback, and offensive lineman is that he can only play one of those positions at a time. It takes a team.

2. The only way we can function as one body when we are so different from one another is when we are in His Spirit.

Keeping our eyes on the goal keeps us focused in the same direction. We have different jobs as we move forward, but every job is important. We let the coach call the plays and all work together.

3. One of the greatest things about our part of the Body of Christ is that we don’t have to do all of the work of all the parts. 

God’s plan for us is brilliant. Each one does his or her part in our best way and we score. No one has to do it all!

Main scripture:

1 Corinthians 12:14  “Now, the body is not made up of one part but of many.”