There are many arguments over whether one can “lose” their salvation. First of all, the word “lose” sounds like an accidental thing, and I don’t believe you can accidentally lose your salvation. Secondly, we all “fall short” (Greek word for sin is hamartia – to fall short of the mark) even after salvation and grace fills in the gaps. On the third front, I have heard those who claimed to once be saved, who now deny God’s existence or hate God. I have known folks who turned their back intentionally and willfully and deliberately (Hebrews 10:26) after having professed salvation.  The question comes whether they were ever saved in the first place or if they walked away from their salvation. After all, Jesus says that if we love Him, we keep His commandments. Thank God for grace when we fall short, but can you be in a salvation relationship with a Savior and Lord whom we don’t love? Can you call Him Lord if you don’t follow His lead?

This week’s message will deal with the many things we lose when we don’t live up to God’s call and our promises to Him. We will discuss losing our assurance of salvation, our testimony of influence, our joy in the Lord, our rewards right now, our health, and our zeal for service.