When we us the word hero, it means different things to different people. To a football fan, Drew Breez or Tom Brady, two outstanding quarterbacks, may be heroes, but to someone else, they’re not. This week we’ll be talking about heroes like Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers? Yep, but you might be surprised and actually agree that this man was a hero to many. And Jesus? Definitely a hero… one who gave His life to save the lost… like you and me. 

Now comes a thought that may have never occurred to you. Are we called to be heroes? I know you’ve never thought of yourself that way, but think about it. Many heroes are not acclaimed, but they have made major positive changes in the lives they have touched. Are you Mom and Dad heroes? Your grandparents? They are some of the most impactful people in your lives. So, what does Jesus call us to do as agents of change in the church and through the church, among Christians and those who don’t yet know that Jesus wants to save their eternal lives and make their present-life more abundant?

Be with us this Sunday to explore how that together we can change the world, one person at a time. We’ll explore what our mission is, as we move forward together with purpose. Together we can change the world!