Will You Let God Do Something New?

The answer to the question in this scripture is simply that many people do not perceive it or receive it. God is ready to do new things in your life and continue your process of becoming a new person in Christ. This process is still in your hands. If you won’t believe or allow God to make changes in you, you will not see the changes in your life. 

This message is a good one for those of you who are carrying too much weight from experiences of your past. That guilt and doubt can keep you from believing that God wants to make your life better, happier, and more productive. The logical biblical truth in these scriptures could possibly tear down the walls that are keeping you from enjoying your faith and excitedly anticipating God’s next “newness” to be bestowed upon you. 

This is my next-to-last message as your pastor, and I hope to BRING GOD’S WONDERFUL AND EXCITING HOPE in these next two weeks.