Do All Roads Lead to Heaven?

John 14:6 Jesus answered,I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Imagine that your friend’s parents are wonderful people. They’ve taught him responsibility, integrity, a great work ethic… and they taught one more thing that they really believed. They taught him that if he’s a good, honest person who loves people; he’s going to heaven.

You don’t necessarily think about this, and then one day as you visit with him, the subject comes up. The guy is 20 years old and as such, has 20 years of practice believing what he has been taught. Then you bring up that Jesus is the only way to heaven and there is no other way. I just hope you’ve already proven your friendship and demonstrated the love of Christ before that moment. You see, people aren’t out there excitedly waiting to hear the gospel. Yet, we’re excitedly waiting for the opportunity to share Christ with them. That’s why you should pray first that God would prepare them and you for this encounter. You should prepare by knowing what you’re talking about and where or how to find it in scripture. You should be one of those people in their lives that they respect because of your integrity, your love, your patience, your ability to overcome hardships, and your willingness to go the extra mile for them. Previous to these deep conversations, it is just possible that you are the only Christian they know. Then when the discussion takes place, it is not a lecture or a sermon, but a sharing from a friend who has proven his sincerity about his faith by the example of his life. You’ll want to hear this message about the path to heaven.